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Carbitex Masterslides

  Type of Design     Power Point Deck Design

  Role in Project     Solo Designer
Carbitex is both a pioneer and leader when it comes to flexible carbon fiber composites. Their technology is used in top-of-the-line footwear designed for athletes to excel on the track, trail, or bike course. The brand was looking to elevate their external and internal decks, and was looking for a templated design for all team members to use and easily stay on brand.

I designed the deck as a "Master Slides" template within Powerpoint to allow all team members to easily create or edit presentations that kept up with brand standards. While text, images, and charts were able to be edited, the Master Slide ensured that fonts, colors, and layouts stayed consistent throughout all branded decks.


Utilizing Carbitex's already established brand guidelines, I got to work creating a strong and impactful design that spoke to the top-of-the line technology found throughout their products. I highlighted items and products that used their patented carbon-fiber plates through high quality photography, and showcased the features of the technology through graphics and icons.

I leaned into the unique texture of carbon fiber by utilizing it as a place to hold page numbers and presentation details, as well as an on-brand background for title slides. Additionally, I did a deep search for stock photography that would naturally flow within the Carbitex branding, and was able to develop a small library of images for the team to choose from. The brand was able to seamlessly roll the Master Slides template out to all team members to aid in the creation of both internal and external presentations

Screenshot 2022-11-10 at 7.18.50 AM.png
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