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Legend Whole Flower Cannabis

  Type of Design     Branding, Packaging Design, and Marketing Assets

  Role in Project     Co-Designer with Nomad
Legend Cannabis is a down-to-earth, authentic, cannabis grower who was wanting to elevate their packaging and shelf presence. Previously, the brand had a minimalistic package design (black bag with small orange Legend logo featured towards the top). With the brand growing, it was time for a refreshed logo and accompanying packaging, brand, and marketing asset design. Legend is positioned near the middle of the market, and intended as an everyday smoke. The brand is simple and unfussy – they're not into exotic, trendy, or excessively potent strains.

With the slogan "Legends are Grown" being a focal point of the brand, myself and the team at Nomad decided to lean into the "legendary" theme and create a brand with slightly retro and throwback feel. We wanted the brand to stand out with an approachable look for first-time users, and seasoned veterans alike, while still portraying the quality of the product.


I started with redesigning the logo, color palette, and icon for the brand. The geometric flower icon was pulled from the brand's original logo, but was adapted with new colors and a cleaned up look. The hope was that long-time customers are still able to recognize the logo and brand despite a dramatic upgrade in packaging. With this recognition in mind, we kept the original orange color from the brand as an accent, and supported it with shades of blue to help it pop.

Once the logo and brand assets were in place, I got to work designing packaging. With the orange accent acting as a unifying theme throughout all products, I chose moody, muted hues that would allow the color to pop. From there, it was time to build out marketing assets – including a website mock up, in-store hand outs, and posters. The brand sent their packaging out to print in 2022, and was on shelves by the end of the year.

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Screenshot 2022-11-09 at 1.23.19 PM.png
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