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Sam's Fresh Salsa

  Type of Design     Branding, Web Design, Packaging, and Marketing Assets

   Role in Project     Solo Designer

Fresh, flavorful salsa without any artificial ingredients – what’s not to love? Sam’s Fresh Salsa is an East Coast brand that creates some of the freshest salsa on the market. Their salsa comes in a variety of flavors, and is a crowd favorite for game day, barbecues, summer picnics, or even used in one of the creative recipes found on their website. While the salsa is as fresh as it gets, the branding and packaging was beginning to look stale. Sam’s Fresh Salsa was hoping to introduce playful elements, and brighten up their shelf presence through a rebrand and package redesign that took place throughout 2022.


With the branding having a more playful persona, I started by cleaning up the logo with a more modern font, while still keeping the playful feel from the previous design. We decided to keep the vegetables icons the previous branding – as well as similar colors with a slightly more bright hue in order to still have the brand be recognizable on the shelf. Additionally, I hand drew a custom pattern that incorporated playful elements with fresh vegetables to further play into the more whimsical feel. I developed custom icons for each salsa flavor to house the custom tag-lines, and was able to stretch all new assets through the packaging and additional branding assets.


Launching in late 2022, the new Sam’s Fresh Salsa packaging is bright, playful, and stands out from the competition on the shelf. Customer feedback revealed that shoppers loved being able to see the fresh ingredients through the clear container in the previous package design, so we carried this aspect into the new packaging and used the space as a chance to introduce the brand’s newly created pattern. Playful elements throughout all sides and angles of the container help bring the brand to life and give it more of a personality than the previous artwork.

This branding solution was stretched across all 7 salsas in the family, and is currently being adapted to a line extension featuring three new seasonal flavors. Different color lids help separate line extensions from the core family, yet allow for these salsas to fit seamlessly with the core line. Each salsa variety is bold enough to stand out on it’s own, yet works well as a family of salsas when sitting together on a shelf.

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