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SamSox Website Design

  Type of Design     Web Design

   Role in Project     Solo Designer
Samsox sells technical socks that aid hikers, trail runners, and winter sports enthusiasts in braving the elements and staying outside longer. While the company was successfully selling their products through multiple channels, they did not have their own website to let their customers learn more about the brand, register their product, or order from the company directly. The brand also had an existing logo, but no guidelines on font usage, colors, or misc design styles.
The brand’s unique merino wool blend is sweat wicking, odor resistant, and insanely durable, which makes these the perfect companion for anyone wanting to get outdoors. The brand caters towards intermediate hikers, skiers, and trail runners, and the design of the site needed to feel relatable to users that fall in this skill level.

I started by using the previously designed Samsox logo to develop a color palette to use throughout the site – the brand had a robust library of high quality photo assets, so I also pulled color and branding inspiration from many of these photos. I then got to work with wireframes for the website, as well as establishing the goal of the site – which was to allow customers to get familiar with the brand before buying through a different sales channel, allow customers to register their products, and to give the customers the opportunity to purchase directly through the site. With these goals in mind, I developed a site that utilizes white space, yet is bold, eye-catching, and technical looking.

With the site being launched ahead of the winter ski season, many homepage images cater to skiing, with the idea of these being swapped out depending of which sock the brand is focusing on for each season.

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