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Terracea Fall & Winter Catalog

  Type of Design     Catalog Design + Copywriting

  Role in Project     Solo Designer
Terracea creates high quality snow gear that is designed to be used both during powder days on the slopes, and bitter cold commutes in the city. The brand was looking to create an updated sales catalog for use in sales meetings that would showcase upcoming items to be launched this season, as well as new colors and features incorporated into some of their classic styles.
The brand's previous catalog was abstract and focused on graphic elements – in order to bring a relatable style back to the brand, we moved forward with utilizing photography throughout the catalog. Lifestyle images were photoshopped to showcase not-yet-released colors, and high quality studio shots were used to give the viewer an in-depth look at each product.

With the intent of the catalog to be used during sales meetings and events, we developed a list of tech-specs to easily showcase the features of each piece of gear. We paired this bulleted list with a larger body of storytelling marketing copy for each item, and incorporated bright, high quality studio photography to really make each item stand out. Overall, the updated catalog highlights and plays into Terracea's style of approachable gear made for any type of winter adventure.

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